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Just want to interact, post some photos, thoughts, images, favorite songs, videos for all to see queer expressions??

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What Is Sir\Ma'am?

We are a gender variant and queer zine based out of Austin, TX with the vision of promoting and expressing gender variant identities and queer expressions of the South. The South is often neglected in terms of queer recognition across the country, but we want to showcase the multiplicity and depth of our identities, communities and artistic expressions as queer/gender variant people living in the South.

Sir\Ma’am offers a space for queer artists of all varieties to express themselves: sketches, paintings, drawings, collages, photography, 3D art. Anything that expresses who you are as a queer person living in the South! 

Sir\Ma’am also specifically creates a space in which gender variant individuals of all kinds (transgender men & women, drag performers, genderqueers, gender fluid individuals, etc.) are made visible and represented, both through artistic expression as well as through their lived experiences. 

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Find Sir\Ma'am here:

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Submit to Issue 2: Being Real

HEEYYY EVERYONE: Call for submissions —-> If you were thinking of submitting some of your work to Sir\Ma’am, you are in luck! We are still accepting submissions til Feb. 3rd (2 weeks from today). We have a great group of stuff coming together for y’all, but we would love to have your piece in here too! (

Broadly speaking our theme is the following: Being real with our community. Real issues we face. Real problems. Real prejudices. 

We want to get to know you better and have others in our communities get to know you too, in all of your queer colors. We look forward to reading/seeing your work!

Issue 1 Launched!

Here’s the cover for your viewing pleasure. We are setting up online purchases through paypal by the end of this week. Fortunately, but unfortunately, we sold all of our copies already and are printing more!! So be patient and we’ll have local Austin stores stocked and a chunk to ship out for all of you living elsewhere!!

Also, stay tuned for pictures from our launch party! 

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Swedish School Eliminates gender!!



Submission from louiscypher:

Well, here is the link to the story on Jezebel. I also have it on my page.

3rd page! Here’s our manifesto and a work by Mylo Mendez. An Austin artist who’s submitted several works to Sir\Ma’am. More in the first issue :)

2nd page!

YES! Send in your pics with the zine :D



Bff and I at Queerbomb (Taken with instagram)

Look out- in the right bottom corner that is the Sir\Ma’am Southern Queer Zine.

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<3 girls with tattoos!

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what do you like to listen to?

Sir\Ma’am Teaser COVER!

It’s finally here! Ali, Wes, Lily, Mylo, Laura, Jaelah BIG THANKS! Full photos & interviews in the upcoming full first issue as well as new artists!

Download the full teaser here:

Ps. we’ll be posting more of the pages over the next couple of days!

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